Tips / Suggestions

If you plan to do some of the packing yourself:

Be organized ,get rid of all unnecessary items. Make a list.

  • Avoid using old boxes. They are weak and may break. Make sure your boxes are strong and sturdy especially for heavy items. Find the best quality moving, packing materials and packing kits to protect your belonging.
  • For delicate items and breakables.
    Write “Fragile” or “This Side Up” on the package big and clear.
  • Wrap fragile items with Styrofoam and bubble wrap.
    Tape the top and bottom of boxes with one strip along the center seam and one or two perpendicular to it. Use only strong duck tape and no other cheap imitations.
  • Have your family members or employees remove all their personal belongings. They should also take extra care in labeling their files and digital CD/DVD files, with their name. Disconnect and dismantle computers properly. Make sure that you know how to properly disassemble and later reassemble the equipment.
    If you have special networking needs, make sure you have someone who knows how to set up your networking at your new home. If you do not, please let us know.
  • Empty your desks before the move. Pack all contents in boxes. Loose materials and small items should be sealed in plastic bags or envelopes and then put in boxes with other items.
  • Put some packing paper or bubble wrap in the bottom of the moving box when packing Use small packing boxes for books and other heavy items. A few moving boxes without tops can be accommodated but these should be avoided or kept to a minimum.
  • Clearly label your boxes with the category of contents and what rooms or offices they belong in. This will help in the unpacking process. Label or color code each box on two sides, but not on the top. When boxes are stacked the top cannot be read. Put all boxes belonging to the same room in a group.
  • Try to use packaging paper, we have found that newspaper may leave black ink marks on some items.
    Odd shaped items, dishes; coffee mugs should be best packed on the edge instead of packing flat. This will minimize the potential for breakage.
  • Try to get rid of anything you no longer want before you move.
  • Donate unwanted items to charity.
  • Empty out your refrigerators before our movers arrive.
  • Empty out the water from all water dispensers.
  • Do your best to get started as soon as possible. Begin at least one week prior to your move.
    Let us know what you don’t want moved at the time of our initial consultation.
    Keep track of as much as you can in a notebook. Notate where things are packed. Have a list of where it is you want things to go. Create a check list.
  • Don’t forget to fill out your change of address form for the post office forward to your mail.




  • Remove all fluids from the photocopy machines.
  • Remove all foods and sodas from the vending machines.
  • Let the movers know what needs to be moved and installed first so that you can resume your business.

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