From small houses to large estates O & H Moving Company is your best choice.
Our friendly experts will be your best friend during your move, advice you, and give you all the necessary confidence to ensure your belongings are moved carefully and safely.
We take time to offer personal attention and quality.
We have top references and an excellent reputation. We carry liability insurance and all necessary documentation needed to help move you. Whether you have a a few things or many rooms worth of stuff, our specialists can help you strategize the best way to pack and relocate.

We use the same movers to move you from point A to point B. We do not subcontract second or third party movers; so your delicate belongings are not being unloaded and transferred to movers you have not met. We do all the moving from start to finish ourselves.

We apply our specialized moving techniques to move all items.

We handle every piece being moved as a delicate valuable item.

Let us help you with your planning so as to make sure your move efficient and well organized. Our many years of moving expertise will help you save time and money.

We carry your furniture with our hands rather than by using dollies. This way we avoid banging and scratching. We prefer not to use a dolly inside a house or office so as not to damage your floors.

We specialize in handling high-end furniture, antiques, marble, glass, large mirrors, chandeliers and over-sized items.

We will pack and move your plants, your file cabinets, your desks and appliances. We will make sure your computers and multi-media equipment are well protected and handled with care.

We have our own proprietary technique specializing in hoisting for large items that are too large for elevators or staircases.

We provide efficient packing, safe transportation and friendly movers for a very reasonable price. We can help you plan your move, set up in your new location and make your move EASY, EFFICIENT and ECONOMICAL.

We help you pack, disassemble, unpack and help you with installations.
Can we help you re install your washer and dryer? Yes!

We have the professional moving vehicles and all the essential tools and moving equipment to carefully move you into your new home or office.

Our movers will go over every detail with you, inform and educate you about how we are doing what we do.
We are a very detail oriented company. We care. We really care!

Many families try renting a truck to transport their household and it may seem to be the most cost-effective choice, but this is often not the case. After paying for the rental of the moving truck, gas, packing supplies and imposing on friends and family to help, you are spending more than you think. Weather you are only moving a few blocks away, local moving experts such as O&H Moving can be a more affordable, efficient time saving choice..

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