We know how delicate valuable antiques and art pieces are. We have been packing and delivering antiques and fine art since 1997. We take extra care in properly packing and moving them. We have access to custom boxes and crates and treat your antiques and art with delicacy. Moving antiques and art pieces can be done with care to avoid damage.

O & H Moving Company will move your antiques with extreme care to ensure they are in the same condition upon arrival at your new home or office.

Antiques need to be packaged with the utmost care to safely protect them in transport. They are typically fragile, delicate items. We customize the packaging. Every item is packed using the materials that suit it best. You will be worry free. We secure and properly pack your valuable antiques, fine china, and vintage furniture. Weather they are family heirlooms, historical pieces or a collectors acquisition; we will properly pack them, pick them up and get them safely to your destination.

We handle a full size 19th Century cabinet with the same care we handle your collection of personal figurines. We use different techniques and materials to properly pack and safely transport them.

Because of our background working with interior designers, we really understand how to handle expensive delicate furniture. Over the many years of experience working with designers we have developed an eye for placing. We can help you place your furniture, paintings, mirrors, art and statues; aiding you in the esthetic set up at your new location.

We specialize in handling high-end furniture, antiques, marble, glass, large mirrors, chandeliers and over-sized items.

We have our own proprietary technique specializing in hoisting.
We provide efficient packing, safe transportation and friendly movers for a very reasonable price.
We can help you plan your move, set up in your new location and make your move.

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